About Us

Our Story

At one time we thought weightlifting seemed inaccessible, superficial, and intimidating. Then we actually tried it, and quickly learned that using our bodies to exert force against weighted barbells was somehow one of the most bold and empowering things we would ever do for ourselves. We tried to unlearn the conventional standards and stereotypes of who can (or should) lift, but it became exhausting and expensive hopping from gym to gym after every negative comment or bad experience, so we canceled our last membership and hung our heads in defeat.

It became clear that the only option was to create our own space, for ourselves and our friends and anyone else who has shared our struggle, to be able to lift in full celebration of everyone’s many types of bodies and identities. We wanted a gym that was affordable, body-positive, socially and physically comfortable, identity-conscious and that offered simple, safe techniques and equipment to help people get and feel stronger in body and spirit. We named it HEALTH CLUB, and here we are.

Our Team

Our volunteers and worker-owners are our own target audience, so we make great candidates for being the ones running the place. There are important identities that remain underrepresented among our team, and we’d love to talk to you about ways we can change that – get in touch!

Shanti: free-thinkin’ FNP / backyard farmer & fermenter / squatter extraordinaire

Davey: musician / genderqueer thinker / food and nutrition nerd

Leah: rebellious RN / curvy queerdo / NW jewitch