At Long Last…We’re Here

My, what a busy year! Just last December, HEALTH CLUB was only an idea, or not even an idea. A cozy, affirming space for us and our friends to work on fitness goals, admire our bods in the mirror, or just hang out seemed like an impossibly far-off goal – we’d never pull ourselves away from our lives for long enough to pull it off.

Now, HEALTH CLUB is a real, physical location where we get to make the rules for ourselves about beauty, fitness, and all the rest of the things dictated by society outside our doors. And as we head into 2016, those doors are opening, thanks in no small part to YOU!

Can’t wait to start building community, making friends, and getting really confident? Make sure you’re signed up for our email list (sign up form is on our homepage) where we’ll be sharing our hours for the first few weeks of soft opening. 

Now for those of you who claimed perks – great news! we’ve ordered / made or otherwise charmed out of thin air all the goodies the campaign promised. Now all that’s left is to send them to you! Stay tuned for more updates because we’ll be letting you know right when we ship things. Is putting together button packs and boxing up water bottles not the sweetest way to celebrate the new year?

We’re so excited about the physical goods – they feel like very tangible evidence that we’re accomplishing something for you and with your support. 

We’ve enlisted local screenprinters (right in our Brooklyn neighborhood actually) Pen and Screen to print the very custom and limited edition posters designed by our friend Hilary Ament, and we’re thrilled with the results!

Did you claim a free or discounted membership? Here’s a secret: you can claim it at any time. We will be sending out an email to you when we soft open with the voucher – your month begins whenever you choose to come activate it. Members get access to classes, seminars, and open gym! 

ALSO stay tuned for news of our grand opening party taking place Valentine’s Day weekend!

Thanks again for your support – HEALTH CLUB is possible because of good people like you. Until next time…